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Write your thoughts/feelings here… panding my horizon of thought through conceptual thinking: Hyperspace

The best book I’ve read since high school started must be “Hyperspace” by Michio Kaku, besides the TaoTeChing. In Hyperspace, Kaku explains Quantum theory, why it is incomplete, and why the ten dimensional theory of Hyperspace is the theory deserving more scientific and lay audience. After completing the 300 page piece I was left with even more questions about the universe than when i started but also inspiration to seek the answers to the elusive questions. It forced me to take a new approach of inquisition unlike any I’d ever taken before, teaching me my perspective was one of many. This book taught me to examine things through both a holistic and reductionist methodology as well as many other practical skills. These skills are so fundamental that they will apply throughout life whether social, educational, personal or anything else. I appreciate this book and it has so far been the best*

Cartesian perspective

Do you wake up and question… well everything? From vision itself to consciousness to principles and reasons this is my day. My phone is full of notes and reminders of ideas which I often forget to write about them later due to my time being greatly divided as well as my mind. Still, I manage to write about great men and what they’ve learned in attempt to gain knowledge and wisdom without experiencing the trials and tribulations they have endured to deduce their conclusions. Still though, I realize I can only go so far with this method but experience will fill in the gaps. I hope to someday become great myself and improve the world. I don’t yet know how, so, because choices can make us limited, I learn general skills that can be applied regardless of my choice in career such as reading, writing, philosophy, mathematics and the like.

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