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His name is Michael, he has three kids and which
His youngest son is whom I really fond of. That
baby is 2 yrs old and very cute. I get to know
Michael through BBM and w/ that our conversation
started. He is a nice man who always make me smile
W/ our what he says “witty but senseless conversation”
whuch he said he likes too. And lately he confess
that he likes me, not just he likes me, but he said
He loves me. And I didn’t feel alarmed though he is
a father of two children and still unmarried. I never
Said to him that I love him too but I know he knows
that he means a lot to me. But lately I’m puzzeling
Things between us, I’m starting to doubt that from
Everything he tells me He’s lying in one thing. That
is he’s still married.

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