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Posted by on 2013/05/15 under Uncategorized

im not gd at all .. and tired from hiding it
thinking of million of things .. afraid from the future
and feeling guilty like anything bad happens is my fualt
i realised that having alot of friends its not a funny thing
cuz every friend wants me to make her feel like she’s my bestie .. im so tired from their daramaaaa
like grow upp girls pleeease ..
one of my best friends .. i know her since grade 6 she was like my sister .. got upset cuz as she said i dont talk to her like i use to and now we dont talk to each other at all
is that the end of our friendship ?! are u going to end it just cuz of jealousy ?!
i believe that there’s no true love now adays .. So i think im gonna start to believe that there is not even a true friendship 🙂
being alone is better than being around people who are fighting to get ur attention
i know what im writing is just Soooo silllyyyyy .. but its a little part from whats inside me ..
i cant find the right words to express my feelings ..
last three years were not that gd :c im tired .. So tired .
maybe cuz i keep hiding things and act like everything is ok .. and now i cant keep doing that ..
i feel like i need a rest from all people ,, Can i please disappear ?!

2 thoughts on “tired

  1. Anonymous says:

    I know what you mean, because as you grow up people you thought you would be friends for the rest of our lives grow apart until you can barely remember then being like you at all.

    It’s a sad thing but it’s a true thing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t hide it, tell someone, anyone, let it all out. And don’t let friends influence u, be urself. And no u can’t be alone, someday u r going to need to let someone be with u. Good luck 🙂

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