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i feel i have the best life ever. i have an amazing family, the best boyfriend in the whole entire world! they make me feel like im something. but when i have those people that just look down on me, it makes me feel like crap and like im nothing. especially when they start to slag off my boyfriend. it hurts like hell.its like whatever i do at school, its never good enough. everyhting else i feel like im on top of the world but whenever i get to school, its like im nothing. nothing at all. i try my hardest at school and put my all into everything but its not good enough for none of them. im not the cleverest, im not the prettiest, im certainly not willing to do anything wild or illegal. why can they just accept the fact that im happy. thats what it bols down to. they dont like the fact that im happy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Most people in your life come and go, so dont stress over them! You have teachers in your school to help you out. You have a boyfriend to listen to your problems, you are surrounded by people which is healthy!
    You have all the potential to become a successful person, just try and look at it from a different angle and approach it in a different way 🙂

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