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Ill do inteoductions, I’m a girl, I’m 16, I have Asperger’s syndrome and everyone around me seems to use this against me. I’ve tried so many times to put down into words the hopelessness I have been feeling but I just can’t seem to get down onto *paper* what I feel inside my head.

However good you are in school, however sporty you are, however musical you are, etc etc, if they try to give you a label for something get out of there, because they will tie you down, hold you down until you can’t breathe properly. I was fine, but what has happened since my diagnosis has ruined me, I can’t even go out by myself because of anxiety, just because they forced everyone to look at me differently.

I’ve gotten to the point where I am so isolated, tired, scared and downright depressed I don’t want to live, but my cowardly self won’t even let myself endure a few minutes of pain to escape from this.

3 thoughts on “Trapped inside my mind

  1. Anonymous says:

    Im not sure what the symptoms of your disability are but dont let your disability define you! Every person was made unique so therefore their path will be unique too.

    You go out there and do what makes you happy (unless it involves harming someone in any way lol) and try hard in everything you do and you will feel more and more content about life.

    Life is what you make it, kid 🙂

  2. Original poster says:

    Thank you sit/ ma’am. I cannot write simply how it affects be, but it is a social disability. Because it affects my personality it is me, and I am it. People seem to think because I have been diagnosed as such I cannot do anything, that I should never go out on my own, that I can’t do things. I can’t help but feel they’re right

    I’ve tried, and tried but fate will not let me go the way I want to.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The thing is, you’re 16. In a couple of years (or even now depending on what your plans are) you will leave school and all the labels that have been attached to you will go. Kids/teenagers can be horrible, they will put you down etc to make themselves look better or funny. And when you’re a kid yourself adults feel like they have to be protective of you, especially if you have a disability. But in the adult world it’s not so much like that. I’m not saying after school you will never experience any problems again, but it will get better.

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