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So my boyfriend and I broke up 2 months ago (he broke up with me). But we had the same group of friends so we agreed we would try and get through the awkwardness and work to rebuild a friendship with each other. It was going really well recently we are able to hang out and chill and joke and I haven’t got upset about anything in a while. Now obviously he was over the relationship a while because he was the one that broke it off. He has started having a ”thing” with one of my really good friends in our group. I feel so hurt and angry and upset that he would do this. But i want him to be happy, do i have any right to feel angry at him? I feel if ”thing” goes much further being friends wont be an option it hurts. I just dont know how i should feel or deal with this.

2 thoughts on “I just dont know

  1. J says:

    Do you still have feelings for him? Bcoz u do, don’t contact him, start talking to new people, do new things. And it seems like u haven’t moved on if u r still hurt by seeing him with a different girl. Also, see how far this goes. Sometimes guys just do this in front of their ex to make their ex jealous. Just wait and watch. Good Luck 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would try leaving the group and finding some new people to be around, new people to meet. No matter what people say, you are always somehow connected to a first love or boyfriend and there will always be a piece missing in you before the right person comes to fill it. It will hurt seeing him love someone else, even if things are over between you. Do other things alone and get your mind off of things. Good luck .xx

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