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i was with a guy in college, who just completely used my body constantly wanting to feel me up, kept asking me to do things for him. I had such low self esteem i always thought if i let him do this to me, he will love me more. which was not the case. for him i was just an object to use for his desires. then he started becoming distant, and i thought oh god what will happen what will i do without him, i let him have sex with me in a horrible place, he was totally happy in himself that he gets the chance to do it with me. he did it had his fun and after that day never talked to me, never took my calls, just stopped talking and finished it off without saying anything. I felt like crap. i never got closure and now after almost 10 years when i think about it, i feel horrible. I felt humiliated. my parents never spent time with me in those days (or ever), i was so lonely so insecure i was totally alone, left alone by everyone.
if you love truly, an object can become a person, but if you do not love persons become objects.
If someone can learn from this i would be thankful, please please learn something from this.

2 thoughts on “feel like a total fool

  1. J says:

    Wow that is an extremely tough situation to go through, I’m sorry to hear that u feel this way even after 10 years. I hope one day u can let go. And just so you know, not all guys are like this, but yes some guys are actually complete d***heads so be careful.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am sorry you had to deal with something so horrible like this! Some guys just use girls for objects, I agree. All women deserve someone who loves them. Sex is a beautiful thing when it is with the right person. You have to have the love before the sex. I am so sorry this happened to you.

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