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He couldn’t wish me a happy mother’s day?! I gave him his first born and after everything we’ve been through, no matter how bad the fights and mean words we’ve always been there for each other and every year for 6 years he’s wished me a happy mother’s day but he completely forgot about me! I always give him his holidays, father’s day, birthday’s, thanksgiving, Christmas, I even make sure our daughter sends him gifts and he’s told me how wonderful I am that after the hell he’s put me through, no matter what I still have it in my heart to think about him and make a point to show him appreciation and kindness but I don’t get a phone call or even a three worded text message! Men are so ridiculous sometimes, I just don’t get it.

One thought on “Seriously!?

  1. GA says:

    Dont give to receive. High expectations equals high disappointments.
    Stay calm and humble and you watch when one day he will realise. 🙂 xx

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