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Posted by on 2013/05/12 under Uncategorized

my life is falling apart. actually, its already fallen apart and i’m just starting to figure that out and it f***ing sucks.

i have no friends. i was with a girl for ten years then she cheated on me and i went crazy and lost everyone close to me. not that i had many people close to me. i’m hard to deal with sometimes, they say i have a mental disorder, and its difficult for me to make friends.

breaking up with my ex completely burned me out. i smoked weed constantly and got hammered every single day. life became dull, meaningless. nothing makes me happy anymore.

i lost my job and moved to a big city where i still had a couple friends left. but i acted like an idiot and now they’re gone too. i found a job and made some friends there, fell in love with a girl. we’ve been together for awhile now and i’m losing her, just like i lose everything. i have nothing else but her. i got fired, can’t find new work, have no friends, my roommate is going to kick me out. i have nothing. i am worthless.

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