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life hurts so much i have never remberd when life was happy i have been cutting my arms with whatever i have i feel fat and ugly i have thoughts of suiced allmost every second day i have chocke my self 3 times and sometimes i feel like stareving myself and everyone hates me and my only real friend will have to switch classes if i don’t make 4 friend in a week and i have noone to talk to cuase im not allwode to tell her my feelings i talked to the counciller she makes me feel worse and my mom says im not sad and says i cut myself becuase im boared while who would say that my sister is smarter then me and all the talents i thought i had she has to be bether then me and my not really real friend is embarresd to be aroung me at school becuase ‘poupler’ kis don’t like me i am so pathetic and i have nothing good to say about life so why don’t i just kill myself noone would care anyways i don’t know who i am im only 11 I NEED HELP!!!!! I FELL LIKE GRABBING A KNIFE IGHT NOW AND ENDING IT

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