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These dark thoughts are corrupting my mind, I feel like making everyone in the world my slave.

10 thoughts on “The world is mine, and u are all my slaves

  1. Anonymous says:

    are you the same person who said you were going to rule the world one day? because it’s a little disturbing

  2. Anonymous says:

    u again :/

  3. Same person says:

    Yes sir, I’m the same person as the person that posted one day. I can’t help it, the world is so f***ing unfair, I see how people are being treated in the world, poverty in so many countries, war in many countries, people starving, nice people being treated like s***. I want to change the world, I want to make the world a better place even if it means I have to do something bad first. It’s all for the greater good. We have destruct the old building before we can build a better one.

  4. Anonymous says:

    first u said that u want all people to be ur slaves then u said u see people arenot being treated very well and u want to build a better world !!!!!!!!!!
    i dunno but all what i can notice that ur words r contradict
    stop saying that .. if u want a better world its not the right way to begin it .. all of us want a better world . all of us want the wars to end .. but we have to work together to make a better world .. and all of us should start to be a better person 🙂
    please stop writing these stuffs …it wont help the world anyway

  5. same person says:

    Well if u read my earlier post “one day” u will notice that I said I wanna make some people, like gangsters, murderers, rapists, terrorists my slaves, just bad people. The others can be my equals. Together we can change the world and turn it into a better place. But first we must destroy current society in order to build a new better one.

  6. yumi says:

    Amm actually i read that post .. and i remember that u said u want all people to be ur slaves not just the bad ones
    even if u want just the bad ones to be ur slaves i dont like it at all .. they are human too btw .. and we can change bad people and make them a better persons there’s a gd side in all ppl .. plus sorry for saying that but who do u think u r to say u want them to be ur slave ?!
    i agree with u that we need to change this world .. but also i agree that u need to change the way u think .. u want to change the world .. So work on it .. yeah work on it .. by being a gd person and inspiring others to be like u .. helping poor people .. making others feeling happy .. saving bad people from the dark side and showing them the right side ..
    but not by the way u r talking about .. cuz it wont happen anyway ..

    just a Q ,, how old r u ?!

  7. Anonymous says:

    r u a teenager who just want a attention ?!

  8. Anonymous says:

    maybe you are just writing stuff like that cuz u r bored and want to get attention and have fun
    or , if thats not true
    so i agree with mr/mrs yumi

  9. same person says:

    First of all, I am not an attention seeker at all, I’m just here to write my thoughts like u r. And I cannot see humankind improving in anyway other than using force. Humankind is currently in a really bad position. There is no other way to improve it other than force. Humans only respond to fear. And I have tried hard in my life to improve bad people and make them see the good side, but it never works. I treat them nicely and they end up treating me Like s***. I try so hard everyday to help everyone out, and they do not do anything when I need help. And I’m tired of being treated like this. And who do I think I am? I am but a soul, a leader born to lead the revolution against the corrupted minds of people. I have no religion, no race, no sex, no age. All u need to know is that I am someone who is going to change this corrupted and evil society into a better one. Now it may seem like a bad thing, but the end result will be good. U may think I’m mad, but I’m smart mad, there’s a method to my madness.

  10. same person says:

    I will do it one day. I have the confidence in myself that one day I will achieve my goal, and after the corrupted minds are treated or killed, and the word “justice” finally has a true meaning, a new society shall emerge. A just, fair society where people are treated fairly, there is no such thing as money, we share everything, but not like communism. Don’t worry about how old I am, I am not even legally adult yet, but I have seen so many things, been through so many things, my mind is very matured. I have learned the ways of this world and I don’t like it, so I’m going to change it. And I know some of u will think I’m too young, but u r mistaken. In the history of mankind, it has only been “mad, young, immature teenagers” with wild dreams who have changed the world and how society works. I will achieve this goal one day. I’m willing to work for it, sacrifice anything for it, bcoz in the end it will be worth it.

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