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Posted by on 2013/05/10 under Uncategorized

Wow, never done this before or written about it, but this is a letter for a different kind of heartbreak, a family heartbreak.

An ache so real so painful that tears burn as they fall down. A home wrecker, a B word, a S word, any negative word in the dictionary cannot explain the pain that you have caused in my heart and my mom’s heart. And to my father, the cold cold words and pain that have pierced the heart of a daughter cannot be picked up. Verbal and emotional abuse so hurtful and beyond repair. Closest friends ask me, how are you so strong, and I tell them its God that keeps me going along.

Why do you break families you home wrecker scum? Funny how you praise the one above I think you need a reality check. My heart is broken. Walking around like empty space. Achievements in my life become burdens because of deep rooted envy. Am I the problem? A child’s broken heart blame.

I’m done as I wipe hot tears off of my face.

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