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I havn’t posted a title. Because I don’t think there is one thsts appropriate. I feel repulsive. Really repulsive. I am selfish, emotional, prone to fits of anger and generally a bad person. I am ugly. I am fat. I dissapear into the background. And noone likes me. Thats why I can’t get a job. Thats why noone recognises me at school or praises me. Thats why my family and thier friends laugh when I cry. Thats why I get rejected right to my face again and again. I want to stop this. Right now. But I don’t have the guts. Yet another personality flaw. And I know if anyone reads this they won’t care. Because, why should you? And I completly understand. And I think you’re right. But for once I wrote this for me. Because I need to clear my head every once in a while, otherwise I think. Why? What about that mistake I made 2 years ago. Why won’t I bleed anymore? Why must I push everyone away? Why can’t I just die? Why am I so pathetic?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    When you say these things about themselves about yourself, they become true. Maybe not to others, but to your mind. Putting yourself down is the worst thing one can do because self confidence is the most beautiful thing! I have met women of many shapes and sizes and looks. I once met a girl who was chubbier around the edges and messy hair and she was one of the greatest funniest people ever and she ended up being my best friend. That same day I met a stick thin blonde woman and I was so jealous of her. But she was a cold hearted b**** and I realized that I never wanted to be anything like her and I wanted nothing to do with her. Some of the most beautiful people in the world have the most self hatred and I find that sad. Someone will come along and find you beautiful but if you keep putting yourself down, they will find that unattractive and leave. Good luck, please have body peace because no one in the world is perfect but the happy ones are the closest. .xx

  2. Anonymous says:

    Like the stranger above, you have to love yourself first.

    As for me, I suggest you start caring about yourself. All I read, was your self-loathing…

    The biggest injustice in your current life, is how much you hate yourself. Solve that before anything else.

    I lost 70 pounds, I beat shyness, and my life is still a pain to live sometimes because I have to live with my personality…

    Even hell can be beautiful from a certain perspective.

    Take care.

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