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One day, I want to wake up and finally feel good about myself. I won’t hate myself for how I feel about girls, or how much I weigh, or feel ashamed of the way I acted when I was twelve. I’ll feel light and free and careless. I’ll be happy. But right now, that’s a very long way away, and I’m not sure that I can ever be happy again.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You are in charge of that and it is your choice about whether it is a long way away. You can’t just wish for things to get better. How you feel about girls. Please just talk about it with someone because love is a beautiful thing and you deserve to be with who makes you happy! Weight. It does not really matter. It is a number on a scale and self confidence is much more beautiful. Focus on becoming healthy, not skinny. And 12 was 12 I am pretty sure we all acted like a******s so stop worrying about the past! The true way to becoming as light as a feather is to let go of the past, the future and just live in the now. .X

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