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Hey you, I need to write to you in hopes of seeing you tomorrow but also
knowing I may not be able to see your face. If I do see you I just ask that
you listen. I am going to tell you this now so you know how I’m feeling.
First like I said today I apologize for my anger but for most people when
you fall for somebody and they let you go anger takes a part in the healing
process. I don’t know what we were for it seems like just a dream…
Sometimes a good dream sometimes a bad dream. Pat I have so much I need to
say to you and I know it is much more simple for you . I thank you for not
seeing me while I was angry. I look up to you immensely and hope to find
somebody like you someday with values Similar to yours. You truly are a
great person who may have been feeling unwanted for some reason in
relationship and I was feeling the same way …. I hope if anything I helped
you better your relationship instead of harmed it.

I’m telling you this now in hopes that I don’t just blurt out everything
tomorrow if I get the chance to see you . My god you are beautiful I try to
convince myself that you are not and that somebody else does not see that
everyday . I’ve told you this before but when I first met you and looked at
you I knew from my very own heart that you were special and I know now that
I was never meant to have such a beautiful person . As much as it stings I
am great full I got to know such a beautiful soul and I mean that from the
bottom of my heart.

I know if I do see you for a very short time tomorrow that I can’t touch you
or kiss you like I use to . I can’t allow my heart and body to feel what I
thought once may have been love ….. I can’t breath when I see you but I
feel I need you to just look at me and tell me that maybe you just needed
somebody to make you feel loved and you probably never intended on me
actually falling In love which I did but you were not in love with me… But
the feeling I gave you.

I know now that you look at your wife differently and you may never have
compared the two of us but I know I’m not as pretty or as skinny or smart
…. And I think you woke up one day and realized that I was not all that
and she was 🙁 and I’m sorry it hurts , but thank you for giving me a piece
of something I never deserved to begin with …..

I don’t want to fight with you tomorrow … I may cry and I may be
speechless sitting in a car with you again when you once looked at me with
hunger and now just a friend if I’m lucky enough to even be called that . If
I do see you please see what my eyes say and when your ready tell me what
you see now… I’m sorry for everything and I know you need me to let you
Don’t be gentle Hurt me if need be .. I figure if I’m lucky I get about 30
minutes to try to come to grips with an ending I loved
So much …. I will try to walk away feeling there was a reason to this
story… Your beautiful I am not beautiful enough …. Thank you for
blessing me with your body, eyes, and soul … You will always be my heaven
and you will always hold a special yet very special / scarred place In my
heart …. Hope I can see you and. If I can’t I will do my best to keep
moving forward

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