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So basically yeah I love you. And it hurts knowing that you like some annoying, loud, stupid girl and she likes you. Well, at least you’re going off to college, but what if she decides that she’s going there too? It’s hot, I feel really hot right now. I’m bottling up all my feelings up about you. I HATE YOU. YOU’RE THE WORST PERSON EVER, YOU F***ING D***. WHY CAN’T YOU NOTICE ME? Wow how cliche do I sound right now? Well I don’t need you, nor do I need this dumb guy who won’t f***ing text me back. Why do I get so hung up on stupid boys? So have fun at college, I’ll be stuck in high school sitting on my ass, thinking of you, while you’re partying it up. Fulfilling your life. I wish you were moving half way across the country, but instead you’re still only 2 hours away. Just f***ing leave. Seeing you and her hurts me enough already. So I am admitting, I love you. I’m trying to not anymore, but it’s hard. You’re so perfect for me, but so is he. IF HE WOULD TEXT ME BACK. I’m just entirely done with boys, I put so much hope in them, and just get let down. I am officially lowering my expectations, okay? Okay.

2 thoughts on “Someone Like You

  1. Anonymous says:

    He will be at college and you will be in high school and even though you love him, please move on! If he does not notice someone as lovely as you, move on because he does not deserve you! Someone will come along at the right time I promise.

  2. Anonymous says:

    gosh, accept how you feel and get these feelings out. that will help you move on. Don,t say it’s stupid or it’s your fault or anything of the genre…These are feelings people go through. Gotta face em and they’ll become less hurtful everytime. Now, go hit that pillow!

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