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im female , im falling for a girl like crazy , my brother came out he was bi and my family don’t accept it at all but I would kill for my family to meet this girl shes so sweet , im really falling but nobody knows im bi how do I go about this

5 thoughts on “bisexual ? how do i come out !

  1. Anonymous says:

    honey grow up .. this is not right at all
    girls are for boys .. and boys for girls
    plus dont fight with ur family for a girl .. ur family are the only ones who really love u and care about u so dont lose them for something very wrong like this ..
    and please find a gd boy not a girl :/

  2. J says:

    Okay, listen to me but not to the person above, u r a human, and u have a right to be yourself, if ur family cares abt u truly they will accept u for who u are. Just be urself. Good luck. Do what ur heart tells u to do.

  3. Anonymous says:

    do u wanna the right answer
    be straight .. 🙂 and u will live a happy life

  4. Anonymous says:

    because its sooo easy to stop loving someone, when I see someone I see inside first, there sex dosent anoy me if they are beautiful on the inside then there perfect on the outside too, regardless, this girl is perfect and shes so nice and so are her parents im mature sensible girl with more than 2 jobs I have my head screwd on I know I want to be next to her when I sleep , there is no wrong in that ,

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s easier to accept bisexual women than men…stupid stereotypes. If you think you love her and are attracted sexually to her as a woman, well then…go for it. Also, is she attracted too? I don’t know your family, but at least your brother won’t be alone in his fight.

    Homosexuality has always been there, a good example are the greece’s gods statues : all of them have small penis. Why? Because homosexual practice between men was common.

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