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i feel as if my life would be a whole lot better if i wouldnt of made this one mistake in highschool . 2011-2012 i was a junior/senior in highschool , i graduated early but i had been dating this guy for about 6 months on and off our relationship was perfect and we swear we were meant for each other . i wasnt really popular but alot of people knew who i was , my play sister had been dating this guy named akin . he was on the football team and i was a manager so i was around him alot . i loved bein a manager because i got alot of attention from the boys . me and another boy from the team were kinda a couple even though i already had a boyfriend , we stopped takling after a couple of days so i start to talk to another boy from the team still all while i had a boyfriend . Me and akin was real close friends. we talked on the phone everyday and oneday i noticed he would try to come on to me . i just pushed it aside but it start to happen more often . i still ignored . all this time i never told my sister or my boyfriend about him trynna talk to me . one day akin came to pick up we went to his house and one thing led to another , we did it . even though i knew it would hurt alot of ppl i never once thought about them not their feelings . i told one of my friends what happened and when i came to school the next day everybody was talking about it . i trusted the wrong person but im glad it happend like it did . but the counselors put me and my sister in a room and i had to tell her what happened . it was the hardest thing ever . once i told her she instantly burst in to tears . my heart was crushed , but it wasnt over yet i still had to tell my boyfriend . i was scared to death . i felt weird i felt like EVERYONE was talking about me and what had happened . when i got home i got a text from my bf and it said “f*** you ,you dont love me” i tried to act like i didnt know what he was talking about too bad it didnt work . i could tell he was really hurt he wouldnt talk to me or nothing . he made a post on fb for everybody to see i was so embarassed and i felt sooo guilty . my life was over ! i didnt know what to do . thats not the full story if you want to know the rest email me @

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