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The power of a word. It is nearly impossible to fully understand the amount of power a single word. It can express anything, from our highest points, to our darkest corners. Used correctly, a word could change the world, warping our perceptions of other words. In the wrong mouths, a word could destroy another. To attain the ability to wield words is a power few should have, a power far greater than many could imagine. From our minds comes phrases, sequences of letters. A sequence, correctly manipulated, can express all we hold within. The true test is learning to understand the nature of words, and not to underestimate their infinite power to change. A word, uttered from our mouths is the most amazing weapon ever created. It causes war, peace, love, hate, joy, and despair. It can heal all wounds given time. One word can change the world. Become the master of your mind, and you will obtain the key to anything you could ever imagine.

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