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Sometimes I feel so Sad.sometimes I feel just like everyone gets on my very very last nerves. Friend are just the one that makes all this stuff happen. The importance of life isn’t just to have friends that drives your life crazy all the time. Friends doesn’t make your life any better.Some friends make your life sometimes worst. Once you lose someone you loved you think about all the moments you had together and Can’t just stop thinking about it and just wish that, that one life moments can once come again or that one person that you love can just come back in life all this is because since that person had gone you never ever find someone like them again. But sometimes people that we don’t like is the people that we could find ourselves with. Sometimes the people that we love is the people that is going to turn out to be you enemies. Good Or Bad Naughty or Nice Don’t really matter. But all you know is the Past,and the Present, But you never know the future because there is only one person that knows your future and that one person is God.

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  1. Grace says:

    Well I really dont like the first comment that you commented on my post and i am not a guy

  2. Grace says:

    Oh sorry I did not know that those were post related I tought that was comments

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