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Why do I have to be called crazy ? I can’t stand that it just makes everything so worse on me . I know I need to be on medication but it isn’t my fault that the doctor office is stupid and don’t return calls and I don’t have a vehicle to drive there . I have to depend on everyone else. Because I do not have my d.l’s my dad taught me how to drive a little but not really great at it . And i’m 25 years old. What kind of 25 year old do not have their license? Am I that stupid I couldn’t even pass the written part? I’m failing my college courses in paralegal and I can’t even bring my self to tell my own daddy that I can not do this whole college thing. Maybe I thought if I did something like going to college my dad would be proud of me and I wouldn’t feel all disowned by him since him and his wife adopted a kid. my fiance keeps saying that I’m the one who is letting my grades slip its my fault when all I want is to be comfort and feel loved instead of feeling lonely and all by myself. I have noone to really talk to . My best friend goes back and tells my mom everything I say , can’t talk to my roommates , and my fiance doesn’t understand at all . He thinks i’m just all crazy and that I need to stop but being bipolar and not on medicine is hard mentally and emotionally but he don’t understand at all.

2 thoughts on “SO sick and Tired of feeling like this….

  1. asdfghj; says:

    its ok. maybe sometime you should think things over and organize your life. about your best friend, if you don’t like ur best friend telling ur mum everything, just not be friends with he or she. many people call me crazy, but i learnt if u take pride of who u are you’ll find that life is much easier.

  2. Wannadie says:

    I envy you how great your life is read @ho else awnser the quedtions f*** I envy you

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