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Growing up sucks. No matter what other people tell you. All this bulls*** about “maturity” and “freedom” equates to f*** all. Ignorance is bliss has never made more sense. Seeing the world for what it really is, realizing how shallow and selfish everyone around you is, and realizing that you’re no different is what growing up is. Growing up is settling for what you can get instead of striving for what you wanted, no matter how outlandish. Not like I had a lot of dreams to start with, but I had hoped my life would be better than this. Maturity is simply conforming to social standards that other people set because it makes them feel comfortable and secure. Maturity is never challenging anyone because it’s “inappropriate” or because you didn’t go to some fancy college and therefore must be an idiot. As for freedom, I do believe in it, despite it being an imaginary concept. But growing up doesn’t mean freedom, it means becoming what you hate (unless you were one of those teens who did everything adults told you to, did all your homework, and was a very popular and likable person. If you were, or are, then congratulations, your indoctrination is done early and you can spend the rest of your life doing the same thing different ways.) Things you used to enjoy (reading, video games, movies, etc.) become less enjoyable, or you have less time, or both. I personally just rest in my free time because everything has become very stale and dull. People say to “get out there! Enjoy life and reap its benefits!” Well, f*** life, f*** its benefits, and f*** you. Since I don’t stop growing up till I die, I can only assume that by trying everything I’ll eventually become bored of everything, therefore making a miserable existence even worse. I suppose I could see a doctor for depression, take some pills, and rejoin my Borg hub in society. But that seems like an equally painful and dull existence punctuated by fake sincerity and the thinking that I have a “disease”. Sadly, the only alternative to this is death, but death simply robs you of any choice and no one knows what happens to you (although many guess and then call it the word of “God”). So I guess my only choice is to accept this existence, to grow up and live that shallow, selfish life that has been thrown into a mold and churned out with a little spot for me in it alongside billions of others. Anyway, this has been a long and mostly depressing rant about life, death, growing old, and misanthropy. If you’ve read this far without exiting in disgust, then maybe you have had the same thoughts. If you have, then I wish you luck. It’s a sad world we live in, and at times it’s a little overwhelming. The best thing to do is keep your middle finger up high and try not to let them take you without a fight.

-An anonymous a******.

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