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When I try I fail, when I dont try I obviously fail. I know im not the perfect person I COULD BE . But its not my fault, depression wont let me. Why cant everyone just understand that life is much harder when your depressed. So belive me when I say i’m trying my best. But nope no one sees it that way. They see me as a little girl tryna find her way. Trying to fit in with the crowd and distracted by her boyfriend and everything else. Or maybe its just me, needing some help. But I dont want help, I wanna cope on my own and its true when I say I wanna be alone. Do I really wanna be alone? I dont know. Cause at home things are wrong and at school as well. Im just a teenager going through “teenage s***” or is it really me actually going through something thats bigger and more dangerous. But what do I know. Im stuck in the middle of a child and a woman.And I don’t know it all but I DO know alot. And its hard when your EXPECTATIONS are HIGH, but your BELIEFS are LOW. And I dont know how far thats gonna get me. But please just belive me when I say im trying my and tall I stand. It may not seem like it but just shutup and understand.

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