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Posted by on 2013/05/06 under Uncategorized

it bugs me that so many people wanna live in the city more than they wanna live in the country and usually it because of the most retarded childish things ever for examples:
some dumb Ass-“I hate the country because it stinks like cow and horse poop”
me-“might smell like f***ing s*** but it better than gas and power plants that are polluting the earth”
different dumb ass”i dont like the country because there is no internet so i cant keep up with weight watchers”
me-“you wouldnt need weight watchers if you got off your ass and ran around instead of sitting on the computer counting calories and wondering why that 15lbs haven’t just fallen off”
and i hate living next to people I’d rather have a big ass yard and my closest neighbor be like 3 miles away from me than have a small yard and have my neighbors cramped together. dont even get me started on traffic and stores- TO MANY PEOPLE
-good day

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