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Posted by on 2013/05/06 under Uncategorized

Im so tired of life in general right now. im tired of being love conditionally and not unconditionally. i feel like my family is forcing me to do everything and they wont accept for for who i am and the mistakes ive made. i seriously need guidance and professional assistance but i can’t take any of this anymore. i find myself questioning god as to why he gave me life when he knew my life would be so utterly horrible and hard. im just ready to finally pull the trigger and let go of all my sorrow pain and hurt.

One thought on “Through with it all

  1. A friend says:

    Hey u should never give up on anything. If u feel the need for professional assistance, then u should get some help ASAP. And don’t worry abt family tht much, just make sure that u r true to urself, I have been acting fake and have been accepted and it’s a really bad feeling. they r ur family and will eventually accept u for who u truly are.

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