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I had a talk with Death
aboard the ghost train
sitting amongst the losts

I had no ticket for this voyage
the reaper was aware of it
he asked for explanations

I tried to talk
my tongue was twisted
my head was pulsing

But my eyes were wide open
a door right to my aching heart
aching from an absent wound

There is no compassion
for an illegal citizen of Limbo
as most inhabitants would kill for a life

He touched my forehead
I saw memories that were not mine
tragic moments for a human’s soul

and the feelings I felt at that moment
made me understand a crude truth
my place isn’t here at all.

I walked with him toward the back
he opened a door and pointed outside
he stared at me with empathy

He gently guided me outside
floating through the black void
until my vision returned to reality

I took a long breath and trembled
I hid my weary face in shame
I wanted to stop time

and never see the sun shines again

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