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Posted by on 2013/05/05 under Uncategorized

what should i do now? the person i love so much and care abt so much is just ignoring me completely and doesn’t care abt me anymore? i miss her so much and she doesn’t even miss me? what the f*** should i do now? my heart is broken and im in so much pain.

7 thoughts on “What should i do?

  1. a friend says:

    i feel ur pain bro. being ignored by someone u love is the worst feeling in the world, im feeling like that too 🙁

  2. Anonymous says:

    i wish this site had like a personal profile thing so we could have like personal messages because seems to me you don’t really need advice from people commenting you just need someone to talk to, like have a consecutive conversation.

  3. Anonymous says:

    same T___T …. why its so unfair…… They fall out of love without telling you…. It’s hurt…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah that feeling is awful and it so hard to move on but sometimes that is the best thing to do. There is someone better out there and you have to believe that. You have a good heart, share it with someone who deserves it! .X

  5. some random guy says:

    if you care enough, tell her how YOU feel and confirm with her that something is up. “Being ignored” is not really clear. Is she not answering to you or just not talking to you ? Are you calling her?

    Anyway, talk with her. If she doesn’t want to, well, make a man out of yourself and tell her you can’t keep on feeling this way, you might want to step away. Don’t wait until she tells you “go away”, cause she won’t.

  6. Poster says:

    Yeah I’m feeling terrible 🙁 I say hi to her everytime and she doesn’t even reply. F*** man, y do the nicest people always get treated like s*** and a******s get everything. Btw I’m in high school.

  7. some random guy says:

    Take the time to stop thinking about her. It will take a while, but it’s worth it. You should care about yourself more than about someone who didn’t care enough to talk with you. No matter how bad with yourself and alone you might feel, the least you can do is protect yourself.

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