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Is it right that i’ve heard my dad say so many hurtful things to me, that when he tells me that, there’s no difference between me and dead people and i should basically die, i don’t get hurt… i feel like laughing when he says it. I used to get very hurt.. Then i used to get angry.. Sometimes i still do, but mostly i just want to laugh at him. He’s pathetic. And if i could hurt him in any way i would. I just hate him so much, i want to see him hurt so bad. Actually if i think too much about the things he has said to me, i might go crazy from anger. I hate that i can’t do anything to him, i hate it, i hate him!

One thought on “i hate my dad

  1. some random guy says:

    I’m certain he’s been told lot of bad things in his life. It’s always hard to have a parent that tells you horrible things.

    Express your anger in a healthy way. I suggest screaming, hitting a pillow with something, punching your bed, writing, singing, drawing, exercise, etc. I find writing and hitting stuff quite effective.

    Forget revenge, it just creates loops. If he tells you s***, stand up like the adult he isn’t or just ignore him.

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