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well im white caucasion, and the other day i was watching the news on the whole legal and illegal immigration issue, then i dont know why but i felt bad for those people, especially after seeing so many children being seperated from their parents. now that i actually think about it, what if were doing wrong in trying to send back all these immigrants from where they came from, i mean have we actually thought about their situation as why they keep coming to the U.S. and why theres more and more? i dont know about ya’all folks, but i wonder. what is it that makes them want to come here? maybe we dont really undertand their conflics from a better perspective,i know there is a large amount of poverty in the hispanic contries, maybe they see their way out coming here, i mean this is the land of opportunity, maybe they can help out our country more than what really think, i’ve heard lots of people say that, they shouldnt be here that they just steel other peoples jobs but honestly, i havent seen alot of us whites that have jobs in fields or warehouses or anything like that. i went on google and looked up mexico’s government system, all i saw and read was that thyre government is corrupt,rich as ever but has no intention of helping his population, creating jobs or anything like that, and i thought maybe if the us government coulf try to see wats up with that and try to come to a compromise with the mexican government and see if they could do something to regulate this whole immigration issue, maybe all those people woild have to come all the way over here to find better quality of life and opportunities, but then i thought twice and i came to a conclsion that it wouldnt work because if the mexican government doesnt give a s*** about his own population, what makes me think hed want to help the U.S. regulate this issue. people we have to be open minded with this population, event if u dont give a crap about them, think of it as a benefit for urselves.

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  1. some random guy says:

    It’s not just an issue with the mexican, even here in Canada there are immigrants from all-around the world. I think you are spot on, they don’t give a ****, but WE do.

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