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Posted by on 2013/05/04 under Uncategorized

I am so mother trucking mad. This is the second time. I have 20 dollar bill in the jar on my desk and SOMEBODY took it. It’s not like I lost it, it’s ok. No, that kind of thing happens once. But if it happens 2 times in 2 months, it’s no damn accident. She stole it, and I know it. I worked my ass off just for those 40 bucks. And she can live with herself stealing from someone who is younger than you, and works her ass of while she sits around. Next time she gets a single dollar, it will be mine. Hey, they say don’t fight fire with fire, but its not like I’m just going to let that money burn. I’m starting a business, so I need every last dollar I’ve earned, tirelessly working. I need money. The fact that she can steal from me and still sleep at night is wretched. She is a mother f***ing b**** whore slut. I know she drank vodka with her friends on her birthday. But all I do is sit pretty and keep her secrets while she sees me as some sort of a salary provider. Ass hole skank

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