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why can’t everybody just undrestand that the past isn’t same as present or future? there are some things that has hapened back at time, but now everything has changed , feelings, people, everything, & the teenagerwhode ain’t easy or fun like everyone thinks , nowa days teenagers around the world feel lonly, sick, tired, bored, homeless, worthless… many feelings, yes !! we all suffer : some of us wish they were perfect , some of us wish they can be skiny & look like the beauty quine in magazines but maybe they can’t reach it, some wish they could meet their idols & pop starts but can’t cuz they are way to far. a lot of things are going in our lives . sometimes we’re mad, crazy& rude , but plz exuse our behaviors don’t judge us , don’t complain before you listen, each one of us has a story. i mean after all we still teenagers , we make mistakes that we learn from & we need you help 🙂

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  1. Anonymous says:

    And some teenagers can’t spell. Some is all about swag junk. Some teenagers are so ridiculous about everything that no one wants to talkto them. Everything happen for a reason. Yes we are teens, we make mistake but then we also have to take responsibility. How many does that? Almost 0. And worst of all. So many teenagers are so lost in self pity that they can’t see anything good in life. No wonder that people get tired of most of them. I’m 14, and I’m surrounded by swag fags and people lost in self pity. Not saying my life is perfect, but I have a roof to live under, a bed I can sleep in, I make mistakes too but face the consequences. I’m not lost in self pity. People should stop freak out and enjoy life like it is.

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