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They say they don’t care about each other, but yet, they care enough to yell and talk behind each backs. Is tiring hearing them fight over nothing.. Yelling, cursing, and sometimes physically fight. My parents fight over me and my brother. Who do most of the job and who is caring for the family. I would say that none of them even care about our feelings. We are unwanted toys for them. Trying to place it equal, and when it is finally satisfying, one of them absolutely have to say ”I do much more than you”
Acting like children. They are acting wrong, and I know how to act when I get older. I understand their frustration, but their arguments are really pointless.. We all share the responsibility in family. My dad work hard so he can pay the bills and buy groceries for dinner. My mom buy groceries for lunch AND dinner. She is also work everyday and take an adult education. She also do the laundry, but my dad do his own. I clean the house and make my own lunch and breakfast. I’m only 14, so I can do much. My brother.. No clue what he is doing. Guessing he is just taking care of himself and his school. That’s okay too, but so do I. So I actually don’t see the problem anywhere.. My dad complains about my mom wasting money, always sleeping and do nothing productive. My mom complains about my dad cheating. DEAR MOTHER!!! HE IS OLD!! I’M SURE HE CAN’T CHEAT
Messed up people

2 thoughts on “Messed up family

  1. Anonymous says:

    tht sucks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Now they are throwing each others stuff out.. ;-;

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