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Posted by on 2013/05/03 under Uncategorized

Right, OCD- mister. You took away my boyfriend, and stopped him from caring that much, you’ve taken away some close friendships and some life opportunities and you’re taking over my mind. I literally want to unscrew the top of my head and take my brain out so I don’t have to put up with these stupid thoughts anymore. I’d just take out the OCD bit of my brain, i could leave everything else, put my brain back in my head and be happy. Then, I’d walk over to my time machine, and live some bits of this year again without ocd. Like, I’d still be friends with Luke, I’d still be friends with Jess, I’d probably still be with Jack, I’d be happier, healthier and actually be able to function like a bloody normal human being. Aaaaggggghhhhhhrrrrrrrr.

And I don’t know if Jack misses me or not, and if he thinks about me, or if there’s something under his stupid d***ish exterior that thinks about the world and the consequences of his behaviour. I just want him to miss me and i want to see him again, but i also never want to see him again, and i want him to apologize. But then I kind of realise I’m fed up of caring about all that, and I just want to get rid of my Ocd!! ARRREEEGGGHHHSSSSHHHHPPPPPLLLLLLQQQQQUUUUUUAAAAAAAAMMMMMMM. …!!!

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