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Hi my name is Imtiaz Sarkar,im 19 and i just finished my high school.This is my first time as a blogger so please excuse my flaws.I may not sound pretty in the following lines but this is just who i am.I love to speak the truth and accept it.My topic the ugly truth is about the world’s ugly people,basically its about people who are not good looking,so pretty boys and girls this may be somthing which you mite look up to feel proud.My main motive here is to make people realise that they are very ugly.Let me tell you about myself mmmm i am a short fat indian guy,so by now you probably know that im not a guy who is proud of myself.I am 5 ‘;3,weigh 58 kg,cursed with thick thighs and a bum.People laugh at me because of my appearence,my friends make fun of my height in gatherings and in public places.I am an amusement for people because whenever i come out people stare at me and laugh.To make things worse my hands and feet sweat a lot I MEAN A LOT!!!!.I spent a lot of time tring to make myself likable but noone liked me eventually.At present I have isloated myself for ten days and counting.I watch tearjerkers and also listen to sad music.To be honest I like this.. noone is judging me now but after two months I have to join college.That will be the beginning of a life filled with insults and beating MY NAME MEANS DIFFERENT. So its hard for me to live like this,I considered commiting suicide but it turns out im a pussy.Lot about me, now for my fellow mates so im gonna tell you few things about life and people TRUST ME I KNOW PEOPLE AND THE WORLD.To start off if you’re ugly its a curse and you are among the few who are blessed with a rotten package you must be wondering who is to blame? the answer to your question is either god or your parents.I loved god but now i don’t because i realised he played a practical joke on me and on you to.About your parents still god is to blame because he made your parents that way so that you come out to be ugly,now you see why I know more than anyone else.Learn to accept the fact that you are ugly every morning when you get out of you’re bed ,stand in front of the mirror and hate yourself.I know its harsh but learn to accept that you are a disgrace like me and god hates you.Now let me tell you few things about people who tell you that looks don’t matter,WHEN THEY SAY THAT JUST PICK UP ANYTHING AND HIT THEM WITH IT. Looks are the only thing that matters,ask them if they will exchange their looks with yours ….I know the answer to that ..NO!!!.Its very easy to say looks don’t matter,google this “why god made me ugly?”….you will be surprised by what people have to say .The most ridiculous thing that most of them said is “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” ,don’t believe this s***.You are ugly and and nobody will ever like you.

I want to prove how shallow people can be,they say personality is more important than looks its like saying planets are more important than sun.No one wants a personality everyone wants looks .They also talked about a test of god and also patience,honestly i don’t like all this crap about test and patience I just believe that to make beautiful people feel imporatnt god made ugly people.I will be joining college and I know i will be beaten up because I look different.You probably know by now that im a virgin,ugly people stay virgin till marriage(IF they get married in the first place).A piece of advice to my fellow pig face mates that don’t believe if somone says that you have a talent you’re “smart” ..thats bulls*** even a goodlooking lad can become smart by reading so the persons argument is null.Ugly people are blessed with the talent to bear the insults yea thats a talent for sure.Try to get depressed and keep your head down,don’t make eye contact ,don’t talk to anyone …don’t look at anyone just keep thinking that you’re a disgrace and you’re pathetic make you’re self belive that you are good for nothing and people have the right to insult you but the most important thing HATE GOD! ALWAYS REMEBER HE MADE YOU LIKE THIS EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE ONLY ONE LIFE TO LIVE HE RUINED IT FOR YOU.. BLAME HIM FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AND STAY DEPRESSED AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.Ugly people should not be happy it makes you look uglier ,stay depresed if possible search for things that hurt you look at them and feel miserable in that way you will be depressed .I am progressing towards MDD(major depression disorder) i don’t laugh and stay depressed.Try if you’re strong enough you can be depressed as well .Don’t commit suicide its not right…you should try slow poisoning by insulting youself everyday and being depressed in that way you will have a good death experience if you follow that you will thank me later.I never actually had any chance with girls and i don’t blame them ..instead i blame god for creating me in this manner.Learn to hate your self to be a greater human being.I am the ugliest in the family and my cousins are way better than me.If you’re ugly and you’re Indian you are practically screwd.If you’re born American and ugly then god hates you like 89% but if you’re Indian its 100% .Stay Ugly and entertain people and don’t ever think positive its you’re enemy think negative that mite help you’re depression.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s bulls*** i don’t believe in god so i rather not waste my time hating him

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