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Posted by on 2013/05/02 under Uncategorized

I just can’t do this. I know, that one day, I”ll kill myself. You say that, and people instantly suspect some sort of melodramatic individual. I’m a rational man, at the end of a rational rope. But even today, I can’t end it…because I have obligations. But there will be a day when I wake up and there’s nothing planned….Where I owe no one anything. And then…

I’m so tired of never being good enough. Of looking like a monster. Of being a failure. People love me, I know. But it’s not the love I want or need. I would pray to God as a child that I had parents that someone would come along to love me…and he sent me friends….I suppose I should have been more specific….

But even then…none of them know me….

I just want someone to say that I’m worth it.

Sadly, the lack of that voiced opinion has swayed me against it’s truth as well.

I just can’t be worthless forever. I just can’t.

One thought on “I Just Can’t….

  1. a friend says:

    Hey buddy, you are not worthless. You are worth it. You are going to survive this tough phase, and one day you will find what you want. You are definitely worth it. I know how you feel, my girlfriend just broke up with me and I’m feeling pretty worthless, but then I realized that I’m better than her, and so are you. You are going to find true love and true happiness one day. Good luck bro.

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