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Posted by on 2013/05/02 under Uncategorized

i love “love” songs, my favorite lyrics “They say that love is forever Your forever is all that I need Please stay as long as you need Can’t promise that things won’t be broken But I swear that I will never leave Please stay forever with me” but when i hear this no one comes to mind. there’s not that one special boy who automatically pops into my head, but i wish there was. i mean love is a beautiful thing, i think we should try and love as much as we can, don’t let the little things hold you back because love is a rare thing and you should take full advantage,enjoy being adored by someone you adore. but that’s easier said than done. i’ve actually never dated anyone, i mean sure i’ve been asked out, but i feel like i don’t take enough risks to go for it. but i feel like now that i want a relationship no one’s looking at me thinking the same thing.

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