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Posted by on 2013/05/02 under Uncategorized

I’m just gonna vent… I feel unwanted. Unloved. I know I shouldn’t complain, because I know plenty of people love me.. I know… I think overall.. I’m lonely… I feel like I have no friends, no one texts me first, to show me they wanna talk to me.. I have possibly one friend, who will talk to me first, and stuff. Why can’t I keep friends without us drifting apart in about a week, or a couple of month? My parents have been having more problems then usual, and that scares me.. Sometimes my mom just cries to me about it, and that really scares me.. I wanna be there for her, and I am, but it shows me what really happens behind closed doors.. Next, I try so hard to be a nice person, and have good morals, ad stay away from wrong things, but people make me feel like an outcast because of it… Cause I don’t backstab, and lie, and gossip, so I’m immediately an outcast.. Does that even make sense? Oh whale…

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