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I saw you,
and you saw me
Immediatly I knew we were meant to be.
From strangers to friends,
from friends to bestfriends
to boyfriend and girlfriend.
Roses are red violets are blue
the butterflies in my tummy went loopdi loop
our hearts together joined as one
your the full package all in one.
It was like a dream
like paradise it seemed.
until you became the most obnouxis need
no longer do you trust and I dont know why because I never did a wrong now I cry and cry
you told me you loved and I loved you too but you always said doesnt seem like you do.
stabs to the heart drip down fall apart.
I blew my brains trying to sort it all out.
I reached to the point of no return I said goodbye oh so very stern.
weights off my shoulders now I am free
I never want to return not so you’ll see
Im a free spirit I live with color
but your heartbroken and now hang with the others
you wanted to talk but I still want to recover
you hold me close and look me in the eyes
but I dont to I might cry
I tell you to leave
and you do as I ask
but now I realize I was sad behind the happy mask
I reach for you your no longer there
Oh why oh how.. how did I dare
to not realize all you wanted was to love and be loved
but the stress built up and I broke down
Now I look into the crowd
and there you are with a frown
I run to you
and you vanish
I have to take in the fact that your no longer mine
I miss you so much
I guess I dont have much luck
for I ruin all good
I sit here in my hood
a sea of tears down my cheeks I loved you and you loved me
I want you back but will you still be there?

2 thoughts on “It was all on me

  1. kate says:

    wow that was truly beautiful how old are you my dear? Youd make a lovely poet

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s the most beautiful thing I have ever read. Well done! First time I have smiled in about 2 weeks

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