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People. Venting is good for you, its
after you vent, dont you want a solution? some kind of solace? reconsider te situation. see if you are
overexaggerating. you will hear
it many
times in life, because it is
but think of what you have,
who you have, and
what you can do about it. accept that things wont always work for the best. accept that the world is corrupt, and there is no solution to fixing it. get a plan to do what you
can in your power to help, to achieve, to gain, and give. it is people like you the world needs, people who think about this all the time. if you have something to share people care. if you feel like you cant go on, reconsider it. life is worthwhile, because everyone has a purpose on
the planet, even though it is corrupt. i just want to help in any way i can, and right now this is what i can. i hope i impact someone out there.

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