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what is up with admin? do they think they are making a point in power? You spend all of school money on dumb shirts and shorts you make students where who are out of dress code. the thing is, the dress code is fine, and the shirt or shorts you are wearing are fine; they arent distracting or harmful. to admin, its whatever they deem in dress code. not the actual dress code; you pass the 2 fingers test or fist length test, theres still a problem and you get a detention and change of clothes. you cant fight it, who will district listen to? anyway, i see a wacky trend occurring at school, and people are wearing tails, halloween costumes, and those arent distracting? those ppl go free, and so this system is biased. today, at school, the seniors did transvestite tuesday. guys who were fully in dress code, wearing wigs, cardigans, long peasant skirts, were dresscoded along woth girls with drawn on moustaches were dress coded. this is wrong; its an underground spirit day, and if it were a real spirit day it wouldnt be happening. admin just cant stand that seniors are rebelling in such a small harmless way. last, dress code is hard to follow in arizona. stores dont sell knee length shorts and long sleeve shirts in the summer: its hot, and i want to be wearif the least amount of clothing possible. so leave me alone; i mean no harm, distraction, or rebellion in any way. take a chill pill though, and just focus your mind on other issues in schools. there are tons to preoccupy the mind.

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