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this is vitally important!

alright first things first. 
1. if someone is unhappy because of something u said, you cannot say its their problem and move on. since you upset them, you have a responsibility to fix it, and you especially should not tell them they are being oversensitive. if they are crying, they are hurt or angry and its your fault. you cant get away with that, and you need to take responsibility.
2. if you over and over again hurt their feelings “without knowing it and assuming its them and not you” think again. there is a problem, and you are one denying its
you, and two hurting that person even more. try and control the things you say, because you can control it and you cant blame your emotions towards someone on the way you treat them or other people. again, except responsibility, AND FIX YOUR ATTITUDE. 
3. it is not your job to critique and fix every little mistake that someone does, and take on a tone about. there are nicer ways to say things, and most of all, if you are correcting them meanly and always doing it, YOU have a problem, and its a lot bigger than whatever you are criticizing them for, because you criticize them on every little thing. 
4. there is no trophy for always being right. the most important thing is to keep the peace, to be nice, and if anyone gets hurt, its because you think and are overly tryin to prove you are right. thats wrong, and you need to know it. 
5. contradicting yourself is part of life; every time someone does it, theres no need to bring it up. it just starts fights and tension. also, how would you feel if the person you constantly contradict did it back at you? that would be doubly worse and embarrassing for you, so if you cant do it for the right and just reason, at least lay off the criticism and drawing attention of the contradictory statement because it could come back at you worse.

One thought on “Dealing with Tough People

  1. A friend says:

    Some people don’t understand and are complete mother f***ing c***s. Wish my ex gf would read this so she gets how much she f***ing hurt me.

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