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I’m alone, i have nobody to talk to or anything else. I used to have my mom but for some reason we’re getting very distant. Almost every night i’m sad and feel like crying. Simply because everything in my life sucks. What’s suppose to keep me going at this point? Nobody cares for me, and i’m not happy about anything in life, so what’s gonna keep me alive? I have no joy in life.. I keep going through everyday, hoping that something is gonna change but it never does. I feel hurt. It’s not fair to be alone, to have nobody to go to, when you feel sad.

2 thoughts on “Alone

  1. Anonymous says:

    When I became lonely, I did something that I never thought I would do. Basically, it started like this. I went off to college, wanting to be independent. And well, I become home sick instead. I would cry every night because I had no money, had no one to talk to, I just missed being with my family. And then I started to write. In this diary. A whole lot. And it become my friend believe it or not. I wrote my feelings, my thoughts, my emotions. And I cannot go a day without it now. It sounds dumb, but I promise a diary can be an amazing thing. You can tell all of your secrets and no one has to know. try it. It saved me in more ways than one .X

  2. Anonymous K says:

    omg i do this too ^ i tried to keep a diary when i was younger and failed but i tried again this year and it’s honestly amazing, it truly is like having a best friend because who understand you better than you? and with a diary you don’t have to worry about being judged. i write in mine everyday. and if there’s something i feel like i need advice on i come here. so many people here understand exactly what each other is going through, its why we’re all here.

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