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My friends are telling me that I have aborted them throughtout this year and that i dont know how to respect myself. and then how i am i supposed to respect others if i cant even respect myself. like i really do respect myself, they just dont understand me. they dont undertsnad what its like to be in my shoes. i wish they could be me for a month and see what goes through my family, friends, relationships, school, and more in my life. I really feel like i am respectful to them. but i guess they dont take it the way that i put it our or want it to be. its hard being a teenager. i love it.. but then when it comes to my friends, and how i lose them so easily.. and i cant keep enough.. it downright brings me to depression.. it seems that no matter how hard i try to improve myself.. i am not and cannot get anywhere. i need help. but who do i ask. whos the right one to ask? i dont know… 🙁

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Improving yourself really comes from the inside. And no matter how many people help you, the only one making the final decision in the end… is you. You can change and you do have the power. Who really cares what other people think. .xx

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