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Your perfect, downright perfect in every single way you can possibly be perfect thats what you are. Everyone loves you right? everyone and your perfect and You dont like me beacasue you could do so much better so I wasted a year and a half of my life drooling over you because you PERFECT! but your never gonna love me because im not perfect like you I know i avoided you a lot becasue im a coward. I was scared to look at you becasue i dont know what life is about. GET OVER YOURSELF just because your perfect doesnt mean its ok to make every girl fall inlove with you so they can come to relize you never liked then you just liked watching them admire you. STOP AND JUST LOVE ME FOR GOD SAKES

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There was this boy at my highschool like that. His name was Eli and he was perfect in every way in my eyes. He had the looks, the body, the humor, and it seemed like he was good at every single thing he tried. Needless to say, I fell in love with him. He was also the most popular boy in the school, and I would constantly wonder why my heart had chosen him. I was afraid to look at him, speak to him, even get too close to him. And then one day after school, when I was waiting for my ride, he was the only one outside. We were both 16, and of course, I could hardly breathe. But I sat down next to him. All it took was that one second of courage for something amazing to happen. He talked to me. He looked me in the eyes and talked to me. And it made me realize,”Hey, he is human too! Eli is actually human!” We talked about lots of things and he admitted that he did not really like hanging with only the popular crowd and their mindless chatter and he said that he likes poetry deep down. Even more than football and he smiled and he said to call him sometime. And I did. And you aren’t going to believe me, but I married Eli down the road. We were young and things did not work out, but I had a great time whenever he was around. All it took was a second. And I got that boy that I fell madly in love with. Just do it. Good Luck .xx

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