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I am so thankful for your friendship, you have no idea. I can’t wait to go to the movies with you and kiss you. You have no clue how much I’ve been thinking about you lately and how bad I want you. I know it’s a weird request to just ask someone to make out, but I had to. I think I love you honestly you are originally not my physical “type” I like big guys, but how can I deny my attraction to you? I can’t! You are so cute. You’re such a nice guy, and look harmless..but the way you touch me still, just putting your hand on the small of my back or putting your hands on my waist and I put mine on your shoulders and looking right into eachother’s eyes while we talk omg idk you’re the only one who does that and it doesn’t feel awkward. Like you’re not seeing or searching for anything wrong with me, you just see me and want to be close to me face to face. You turn me on so much when you do that.
I feel like a d*** for what happened before. All you said was that you wanted to take things slow and because i’m a c***y, bossy, and aggressive person who has an inflated ego, I took it as rejection and moved on even though I know you still liked me. I’m not the best at expressing my emotions verbally. It always comes out wrong. I loved hanging out with you before when we would go on adventures and kiss in your car. I’m just impatient, and scared of my intense emotions. It’s hard to hold back and hate not being in control of a situation that heavily involves them. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, you’re amazing. You confuse me though because you seem easy going, intimidated by me a little, and like you’ll just go with what I say, you usually have, but then you have these moments where you put your foot down and say no. You’re even more dominant than me, but you’re quiet about it and not abrasive. You’re like the strong silent type of person on the inside that is so irresistible. I want you so bad, Davis, I cannot wait for tonight. I want to kiss you and hold you and squeeze you. Idk where this is going to go. I can’t forget about you when I see you all the time and we touch every day in the most friendly and seemingly innocent of ways. Do you even understand how wet you make me? Do you do it on purpose?? Idk!! Knowing you for ten years and still not knowing you drives me crazy. It’s like you’re an open book but with invisible ink on your pages and a twist ending. This should be a fun date, I need your kisses. I told you before I would marry you some day. I really will Xoxoxoxo

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