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Hi! My name is Olivia. I have a small problem that has been in my thoughts lately. I have a best friend that is really cool, sweet, caring, friendly, and he can always make me laugh. He has been my friend for about 2 years now. Just the other day he randomly told me that he liked me and now i dont know what to do. I havent really ever thought about whether i have liked him or not. The more i think about it, the more unsure i become about likeing him the same way. I might like him but i just dont know… its a possibility. Now its kind of awkward to talk to him. I used to talk to him about EVERYTHING and obviously i cant really do that any more. So what now? What should I do? Any advice plz?

2 thoughts on “What now?

  1. Anonymous says:

    i feel like it’s only awkward if you make things awkward. i think it probably took a lot of courage to tell you and he probably didn’t want to lose you as a friend. don’t make his worse scenario a reality. stay friends go back to the old ways but don’t lead him on. talk to him

  2. Anonymous says:

    Think about him, talk to him. And take is slow. Olivia, I do want to inform you that the best kind of love comes from a friendship base. If there is a couple that can also be best friends, that is what you want. He was very brave to tell you. Even if you do not feel the same, keep things normal between you two as friends. And keep the options open. Good luck .xx

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