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Posted by on 2013/04/29 under Uncategorized

Please help me someone I’m feeling so hopeless, I will never be happy again, please help, I will never be happy again, f*** plase help me someone, I am so depressed, nothing i do is able to cheer me up, my girlfriend is the only person who made me happy, and she broke up with him, so now I have no one , f*** please someone come and hug me, :'( I’m dying from depression.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Happiness will come. It will. Because happiness, is in the small things. Like pulling the sheets up on a hot summer night, and that little sheet keeping you warm. Or seeing the sun in the sky and realizing, “hey. that sun is going to be back tomorrow.” And I swear to God someone will love you. They will love every God Damn piece of you and you will wake up to them and smile because things will be perfect. And you need to live to see it and you can’t give up. Not here, not now. I would give you a hug. But I can’t. So instead, I’ll tell you that things will get better. Trust me. Please. .X

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