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I moved out of my mums late 2011 and left my 4 siblings (I still keep in contact), my dad lives six hours from her.
9 months ago I moved to the city my dad lives living with my mums best friend thinking it would be different and start fresh. I did I made a few new friends started school found a job and got a boyfriend. I no longer have a boyfriend and absolutely hate my life, (not because I’m single) I just want to move back with my mum. I don’t want to be the sister my younger siblings don’t know. I hate myself more and more each day I talk to them.
Each time I talk about moving back to my mums I get a lecture and told to focus on work and stay here. I get to the point I cry to a close friend telling him I told want to be here anymore and telling him I want to end everything.

Helpful ideas would be great.

One thought on “Nothing is working

  1. Abbey says:

    Hi I’m here if you need to talk about anythingm Kinda like an online friend, If you wanna email me that be great we can talk about anything and il try and give you the best advise i can:) or if you prefer facebook we can talk over that:) <a href="" >

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