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This story is current, its been about 20 days since the day I found out and I am still suffering from emotional stress. Leading up to the night I found out about my boyfriend cheating on me we had been so angry with each other. I was feeling odd around him and was feeling this instinct of suspicion. I started looking for ways to take looks at his Facebook profile. The night everything broke loose and the truth came out I had come home from a girls night with co-workers and Christians IPad was in our bedroom just calling my name! His ipad was unlocked and I per sued to check his messages, found 3 girls he had been flirting with and another girl (ashley) messaging him about him coming over this sunday with me and it being awkward between him and another girl there. I was so mad about the other 3 girls messages with him I had completely forgot about ashley messages to and from him! I called Christian as he was at his friends house that night and I asked him to come home, he knew there was something wrong with my tone of voice but he came home as fast as he could.

When he got here I asked him to sit on the couch as I started attacking him about the girls he had been talking to inappropriately! I was punching him in the chest, calling him an ass hole and he kept lying and making excuses for the ways he was talking to them. Lots of arguing and fighting happened and he threatened to call the cops on me for hitting him over and over, but I just couldn’t help it! Eventually that night I confronted him about the messages between him and that Ashley girl and his story he came up with was absolutely pathetic!

He said that this girl (tina) had been treated badly with guys in her life and he had been talking to ashley about how he thought she deserved better then that. He said “maybe ashley told her what I said and she thinks I like her or she likes me?”

After this story came out his mouth I txted ashley what was going on and she said” christian needs to tell you” I txted back ” he won’t whats going on” and then back she said “tell him to man up!”

I then called her cause he was not going to tell me and the truth came out! I will never forget hearing “they slept together” come out of Ashley’s mouth! I went into immediate shock and was so hurt and angry and upset all in one. My heart was throbbing and my face went numb, I felt as if I needed to throw up as I struggling to yell at him! I was completely blind sided by this because Christian has been one of the most attentive guys I have ever been with. I feel to the ground crying my eyes out in disbelief this was happening to me. Christian came over to hold me and I pursued to push him on the bed hitting him again and again and trying to choke him!

all this abusive behavior didn’t make me feel better I must say, actually in the after math of all this I am very embarrassed of my actions! He deserves to be yelled at and dumped and left alone but the fighting came out first!
Its been 20 days and to continue with this painful story I am still living with Christian! Many people may ask me why would I do this to myself? I truely love Christian, and that night I realized that he was truly so so sorry for his actions. I thought to myself it was a one night mistake obviously! I am a very strong woman and very forgiving thanks to god being helpful in my life! So I said to myself if he wants to prove he is sorry, he will go to therapy and also stay home with me to work all this out and thus far he is doing all of this and more!

As a little background on this girl he cheated on me with. She is 29 years old, has 3 children and 3 baby daddies! The kids are 5,3, and 6 months old….and shes out drinking every weekend! I don’t feel sorry for this b**** Tina, I feel sorry for her poor baby children that have a slut for a mother. She does not have a job and lives off state assistance! She is actually now saying she is pregnant from Christian and will not provide him proof of the pregnancy either! She is stating that she would like an abortion however the place she says she is going does not perform the procedure so we are thinking she is lying for attention!

My thinking is that no girl likes to be treated as a one night mistake, and she is definitely getting treated like the garbage she is now that I know whats going on! In all this I have stood my ground and not contacted this girl Tina, as for there is not need to talk to this desperate mother!

In the end I really hope that she is lying and not carrying baby from a drunkin night mistake! Me and Christian are attending christian therapy once a week to talk all this through and to help both of us get through our hardship! It will take time for me to forgive such a blow!

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