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Posted by on 2013/04/27 under Uncategorized

Im tired of over thinking my life, every day and night I just think over and over about my future and being scared that I’m going fail at life. I’m so depressed and so scared and hate myself so much. My girlfriend just recently dumped me. I really wish she would just give me a huuuuuuge hug and I wish to just hold her in my arms, and then I will feel everything is going to be alright. I don’t WANT to hug her, I NEED to hug her, I just want to feel the warmth of her body against mine one more time, its the only thing that’s going to give me the strength to keep going. Don’t kiss me, don’t do anything, just let me hold you once, and just let me hug you once, just a huuuuuge hug once please :'(

2 thoughts on “I’m tired

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello. Life is not about over thinking and life is not about where you will end up in the future. Life is about the now. Life is about waking up each morning and realized it’s a new day, life is about accepting who you are. Life is about living in the moment. Carpe Diem. Seize the Day. Because you never know when it is will end. Tell someone you love them, eat chocolate ice cream, do something stupid and laugh about it. Those are the amazing things in life that we look back and love. Sometimes, things do not work out. But have hope that there is someone else out there for you. Enjoy the now .X

  2. Poster says:

    I feel so silly, but I really need a hug and someone to comfort me right now, u know one of those moments?

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